Program Overview

Your professional development is important. At ACET-Global, we strongly believe that ‘knowledge is best shared’ so we have created a platform to connect those who want to share and those who want to learn.

Our mentoring program offers a flexible approach which allows mentees to receive the tailored help they need. Mentees decide who they want to learn from and together a mentoring pair have the freedom to decide on the format, duration, and structure of their mentoring relationship. Leaving all parties satisfied!


  • Mentees can receive career guidance, professional support, and gain an edge in the job market through developing relevant soft skills
  • Mentors can improve leadership and communication skills while consolidating your own knowledge
  • Build meaningful relationships with driven individuals for potential future employment opportunities
  • Feel secure in meeting verified individuals through a safety-prioritising program
  • Fast matching process and program commencement

How It Works

Step 1


Anyone interested in the program can sign up here! In your application, you will be asked to fill in contact details and submit documents which will be used to verify your identity.

Once authenticated you can choose your subscription plan – all first-time subscribers automatically receive $10 off their first plan payment!

Then it’s time to log into the portal and personalise your profile.

Step 2

Connect with Mentors

Following a successful application, mentees can search for suitable mentors to connect with based on their preferences.

Key matching criteria includes:

  • Areas of interest
  • Industry preference
  • Location

Mentees can view any mentors profile and request to connect. Mentors can accept or reject mentees’ request.

Step 3

Do Your Homework

Prior to starting your mentoring sessions, we recommend going through our toolkit resource guide. These resources are designed to deepen your knowledge, ensure both parties are clear about their role, and help you get the most out of the program.

Step 4

Get In Touch

Once mentors have accepted a mentee, you will be able to message each other through the portal’s chat function.

Mentees are expected to introduce themselves to their mentors to kick start their mentorship.

Every first zoom meeting will be free of charge for the first 30 minutes, this is the perfect time to agree on the nature of your mentoring sessions.

After mutually deciding on a schedule that works for both parties, it’s time to learn from our experienced mentors.

Step 5

We value your Feedback!

We always value the opportunity to grow and improve! Please provide us your feedback at

Eligibility Criteria

You can be a Mentee if you

  • Are in the initial years of your career
  • Are dedicated to creating a realistic developmental objective
  • Are committed to success
  • Can dedicate time
  • Have the willingness to learn

You can be a Mentor if you

  • Possess the required qualification and relevant work experience (details provided here)
  • Can dedicate time
  • Possess strong communication skills
  • Are a team player
  • Want to share knowledge


This platform has been built with the sole purpose of developing and sharing knowledge. We want all our users to get the most from this program and feel confident that they are talking to a verified and genuine person. Therefore, to establish trust and ensure safety for every user of this platform, we require all our users to provide their identification documents.

For more Information, check our Privacy Policy